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Spring Festival 2019 Points Table

Hillview Canal 1

Spring Festival 2019 Points Table

16 anglers split into 4 sections across the complex - 1 point denotes first in section and 4 points denotes 4th in section. Breakdown given for the 4 days for each angler
Anglers NameDay 1 22/4Day 2 23/4Day 3 24/4Day 4 25/4Total
Matty Hamilton 11215
Lee Payne11125
Jason Powell13116
Paul Ellis12418
Carl Mulford21328
Leon Seabright21238
Andy Bruton22149
Glen Brotherton214310
Ben R312410
Ian Barker441110
Francis Porter243211
Phil Auger433212
Chris Hamilton342413
Kev Parry334414
Lee Saward444315


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