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Match Result Sun 21st May

Match Result Sun 21st May

Fished across Moorhen and Heron and the first canal. Peg numbers are Moorhen pegs 1-20, Heron pegs 21 - 40 and canals pegs 41 to 96
NamePeg NumberWeightComments
Blake Hobbs358-8
Billy Hill469-0
Rob Wiltshire556-0
Steve Organ881-0Section
M Collins 1043-0
M Rayet1192-0
R Brushnen1350-0
J Jones1773-8
S Brown1851-0
A Pollard20106-0Section
Danny Bafon28139-0Section
J McMahon30103-8
Paul Ellis35154-0Winner
Josh Clarke37151-0Second
D Young3853-0
P Eyre4125-0
Charlie V4350-0
Pete Cole4541-0
Shaun McCarthy4957-0Section
B Gallagher5355-0

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