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Match Result Sat 29th July

Match Result Sat 22nd July

Fished across Moorhen + Heron. Peg numbers are Moorhen pegs 1-20, Heron pegs 21 - 40 and canals pegs 41 to 96

Fished in overcast conditions Terry King had a disqualified net of 76lb 8oz which cost him the match but he still took a section and second overall.

NamePeg NumberWeightComments
Huggy 37219-8Winner
Terry King9165-0Section
Billy Hill17162-0Section
Jason P27139-0
Jack Jones35113-0
Paul Ellis5103-8
James Dixey11101-0
H Dixey1399-0
Ben Reynolds3198-0
Gary Tweed794-0
Matty Hamilton182-0
Harry B 2981-8
Martin Willockson1979-0
D Young3368-0
Russ Butwell365-0
Mark Collins3941-0
Tim B2136-0

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