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Match Result Sat 25th November

Match Result Sat 25th November

Fished across Moorhen and Heron Lakes and Canals 3 + 4. 33 fished the open. Peg numbers are Moorhen pegs 1-20, Heron pegs 21 - 40 and canals pegs 41 to 96

NamePeg NumberWeightComments
Ian Barker9581-0Winner
M Thomas70 73-8Second
A Dixey7968-0Section
Jason C8167-0Section
Shaun McCarthy860-0Section
Matty Hamilton3658-0Section
M Edwards8155-0
Greg H7454-0
D Young8449-8
Steve Kendrick1945-0Section
Matt V7242-0
Billy Hill3133-0Section


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