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Match Result Sat 20th April

Hillview Lakes - Moorhen Lake

Match Result Sun 20th April

NamePeg NumberWeightComments
Andy Griff70191-8Winner
Jason Powell35176-0Section
Jason Gooch19146-0Section
Tim Davies72144-0Section
Glen Brotherton87144-0Section
Francis Porter93143-0
Vince Major78137-0
Leon Seabright32136-0
Matt Davies95130-8
Kev Parry75120-0
Gerry Tweed29118-0Section
Paul Ellis5115-8Section
Fished across Moorhen, Heron and Canals 3 and 4. Peg numbers are 1-20 Moorhen, 21-40 Heron with the canals 41-96

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