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Frenzee Match Fri 13th April

Friday 13th was lucky for ‘The Model’, Andy Bruton, who won the Frenzee Match 1 with some of their sponsored anglers who turned up for a 2 day event at Hillview with some of the Hillview regulars.

Frenzee Match Fri 13th April

Fished across Moorhen and Heron. Peg numbers are Moorhen pegs 1-20, Heron pegs 21 - 40 and canals pegs 41 to 96
NamePeg NumberWeightComments
Andy Bruton3100-0
Mick Bull186-0
R Harbour1385-0
Phil Canning2581-8
Lee Blagden3778-8
Gareth Lennox978-8
Barry Zimmerman1670-0
Chris Jones2969-0
Kev Holvey756-8
Kev Parry548-0
Pete Cole2345-0
R Brushneen2042-0
John Nichols1141-0
Matt Collins3538-0
Paul Cook3138-0
Brian Bancroft3333-0
Jon Clegg1428-0
Ian Barker27DNW
Jason P39 DNW


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